27. May 2021 Leif

My equipment

Almost 3 years ago I took the decision to sell all of my CANON equipment.

It all got replaced by the FUJI X-system. I was attracted by the Retro-Look of the X-System cameras and to be honest – I’m still totally fascinated by those cameras.

I started with a X-T2 and a X100s. Currently I’m shooting with a X-T4 and since a couple of months with a X100V. For most of the pictures I’m taking, my Fujinon 35mm F1.4, my Fujinon 10-24mm F4 and my Fujinon 18-55mm F2.8-4 lenses are sufficient (in particular as I’m not shooting portrait).

Jonas Rask titles his article about the Fuji X100V “The desert island camera”, and I think that describes this fixed-lens camera quite well. This is the one I have all the time with me. Light weight, pretty, easy to use and with the Classic Chrome profile for JPGs I never come home without at least a couple of great images taken.

In addition I’ve bought in 2020 a GoPro HERO8 for taking videos – but I have to admit, that I’m not getting into the “action cam mode” at all. Even though the image stabilization is pretty amazing and the simplicity on how to operate this device… I don’t know, I just didn’t get hooked.

“Update”: in the meanwhile I’ve taken the GoPro HERO8  on a couple of bike rides – and the stabilization is pretty impressive. I’ll post a first video soon…