22. April 2024 Leif


Recently I stumbled upon an awesome video of Sean Tucker where he talks about “Making it as an introvert”. At the beginning there’s a quote from Michaela Chung that fits pretty much to me as a person:

“Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet.

I know more than I say,

think more than I speak,

and observe more than you know.”

So, what do you actually write about yourself in regards to photography? That you are self-taught? That you shoot around 14,000 photos a year? That you have developed a solid basic understanding of technical camera details and the post-processing of images with Adobe Lightroom? That after several years of attempts with various camera systems from Minolta, Sony, Casio, Canon, you finally arrived at Fuji?

No idea.

Or do you prefer to write about the way you take photos? That you are attracted by motifs that radiate calm and simplicity? That a photographer like Jeff Seltzer appeals with their eye for the everyday scenes of life? That you shy away from photographing people without being asked? I can’t tell – so it’s best to just let my pictures speak for me, have fun!


I’m a semi-professional photographer, my business profile can be found at .

And slowly my Instagram account get’s updated as well .