"I like photographs that leave something to the imagination."

When I get asked what kind of photographs I take or like, I was struggling for quite a while to have a fitting answer on hand.

On the other hand, to say what I’m not interested in (no weddings, no studio portraits, no architecture, no events, no lost places,…) leads to the question – what’s left?

As I’m a person, who can endure silence quite well, I definitely do have a passion for photos that have a calming effect for the observer. In other words – photos, that are pleasing for the eyes.

The overarching theme of my photography style can be best described as “moments of silence”. I like vacation hotspots during the low season when nobody is there, I like frequented places when the crowd is gone. Those places without all the bustle show a certain beauty and leave something to the imagination.”

The pictures below are a perfect example of photos I like and take.